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About Us

At eWebMall we are committed to offering you the most unique and exciting specialty stores on the net. Each eWebMall store is independently owned and operated, with the exception of some of our VIP stores that may be public corporations. We want every store to offer a unique buying experience and we do not want redundant stores that sell the same products. eWebMall will never have thousands of stores, for now we plan to limit the mall to just 432 specialty stores. Each eWebMall store is checked through the Better Business Bureau, to ensure they practice ethical business standards. Any store that does not maintain a proper code of ethics will be removed from the mall. A eWebMall store cannot just buy their way into our mall, they are invited in as a guest and we look for many factors; including the product line and look and feel of the store.

We at eWebMall want to bring you the look and feel of an online mall, with an ultra exciting shopping experience. From apparel - electronics - gourmet foods - art works - jewelry and more we want to bring you the best of the web. At eWebMall we strive to make your shopping experience as user friendly as possible. With our store mall - directory - by category - by holiday - by occasion - by expression, we want to make your shopping experience with us as pleasant and accommodating as possible. eWebMall wants to build you the ultimate upscale online shopping experience. Further we donate a full 50% of our profit to help underprivileged children and we supply food banks to assist families in need.

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